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  • 10 September 2015
    Wind Farm Update

    Westermeerwind has reached another milestone with the installation of the first set of wind turbine blades. The wind turbine blades arrived on Tuesday evening from Oude Zeug where they were preassembled via vessel LD27. The installation was completed the following day via ‘De Schelde’ pontoon fitted with the 11350 Liebherr crane, owned by Van Oord/Mammoet. […]

  • 25 May 2015
    Operations & Maintenance

    Last Friday saw a completion of the 240-hour test phase of the first of 43 wind turbines at offshore wind park Eneco Luchterduinen. This means that the wind park is now generating green energy for the Dutch grid. According to Van Oord, the installation of the wind turbines is progressing well with offshore installation vessel Aeolus […]

  • 19 September 2017
    Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    Jan de Nul’s jack-up vessel Vole au Vent has installed the first of five 8.3MW MHI Vestas turbines at the 41.5MW Blyth Offshore Demonstrator project off the coast of Northumberland, UK, EDF RE reports.

  • 21 August 2019
    Wind Farm Update

    Fred. Olsen Windcarrier’s jack-up vessels have completed the installation of the first two turbines at the EnBW Albatros offshore wind project in the German North Sea. According to the company, Blue Tern installed the first turbine this morning and a few hours later Brave Tern installed the second unit. Albatros will comprise 16 Siemens SWT-7.0-154 type […]

  • 16 December 2015
    Wind Farm Update

    The first monopile foundation was installed at the Nordsee One offshore wind farm site on December 15 – ahead of schedule. GeoSea, which has been contracted to install the monopiles produced by Ambau, will continue the work through the remainder of 2015 and into 2016. The monopiles are being installed in water depths ranging between 25 and 29 meters. The 332MW Nordsee […]

  • 9 January 2017
    Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    A2SEA’s wind farm installation vessel Sea Challenger has installed the first turbine on the 402MW Dudgeon offshore wind farm situated some 32 kilometres off North Norfolk, UK. The first out of the 67 Siemens 6MW turbines was installed on Saturday, 7 January. For the next months, the vessel will install the turbines being shipped from […]

  • 22 July 2015

    China Huaneng Group’s first offshore wind project entered construction phase when the 105-tonne monopile foundation was installed offshore Baxianjiao, Rudong late last month. The 300MW Rudong offshore wind farm will comprise 50 turbines of 4MW and 20 turbines of 5MW covering an area of 82 square kilometres. The first batch of turbines is expected to […]

  • 14 August 2018
    Ports & Logistics, Vessels

    GeoSea’s Apollo has left Pula, Croatia, and is headed to Vlissingen, the Netherlands, where this multi-purpose, self-propelled jack-up vessel will undergo mobilisation ahead of its first assignments.

  • 15 May 2018
    Ports & Logistics, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    A2Sea’s jack-up Sea Installer has installed the first sets of Siemens Gamesa D7-type turbines on the Rentel offshore wind farm in the Belgian North Sea.

  • 7 July 2015

    Almost a month after it was deployed by Northwest Energy Innovations (NWEI) at the United States Navy’s Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) near Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawai’i, Azura, the wave energy device, has started generating power. This pilot testing is now giving U.S. researchers the opportunity to monitor and evaluate the long-term performance of the nation’s […]

  • 7 August 2018
    Ports & Logistics, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    Van Oord’s newly upgraded offshore installation vessel Aeolus has started installing monopile foundations on the 370MW Norther wind farm in the Belgian North Sea.

  • 5 March 2018
    Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    The Seafox 5 jack-up rig has installed the tower and the nacelle of the first GE Haliade 6MW wind turbine on the 396MW Merkur offshore wind farm in the German North Sea.

  • 4 June 2018
    Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

    The Merkur offshore wind farm has produced its first power following a successful test on one of the wind farm’s GE Haliade 6MW wind turbines, according to Merkur Offshore GmbH.

  • 24 August 2017
    Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    E.ON has kicked off the offshore construction phase on the 385MW Arkona offshore wind project with the installation of the first of the 60 monopile foundations in the German Baltic Sea. 

  • 22 January 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    The first of the total of 90 wind turbine foundations has been installed at the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm.

  • 2 July 2015
    Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    Northland Power has installed the first monopile at the 600MW Gemini wind farm offshore Dutch coast. The job was completed by Van Oord’s offshore installation vessel, Aeolus, which is install a total of 150 foundations together with Pacific Osprey of Swire Blue Ocean. Located 85 kilometers off the coast of Groningen the project will feature Siemens 4MW […]

  • 9 August 2017

    This year Offshore WIND Conference will boast two chairmen who will be guiding and moderating the sessions while also offering their vision on the challenges and opportunities on the road ahead. A first for the event.

  • 29 July 2016
    Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München (SWM) have now erected the first of 72 Siemens SWT- 4.0 130 wind turbines at the 288 MW Sandbank offshore wind farm being built 90 kilometers west of the island of Sylt in the German part of the North Sea. The erection of the towers on the foundations and the installation of the nacelles […]

  • 17 May 2017
    Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    Siemens team onboard the wind turbine installation vessel (WTIV) Pacific Orca has installed the first of the fifty-six 6MW Siemens turbines on the 336MW Galloper wind farm off Suffolk.

  • 9 November 2015
    Wind Farm Update

    The Dutch 144MW Westermeerwind offshore wind farm has produced first electricity. The milestone was achieved last week using the 44km of electricity cables installed by VBMS. Also, Siemens has installed a total of 17 out of 48 of its 3 MW turbines. When completed the 144MW wind farm will be able to produce electricity for […]

  • 2 July 2018
    Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

    Vattenfall’s 93.2MW European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) has generated its first power.

  • 26 February 2019
    Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

    The 370MW Norther offshore wind farm has delivered first power to the Belgian grid. The project’s first four MHI Vestas 8.4MW turbines were connected to Stevin, Elia’s new high-voltage station in Zeebrugge today, 26 February. Half of the generated wind energy will be sold to Engie and the remaining half to Eneco, Norther NV said. Van […]

  • 15 July 2019

    DEME Group’s DP3 offshore installation vessel Orion has left the COSCO Qidong shipyard in China to start the first series of sea trials. During the sea trials the vessel’s performance will be measured and her dual fuel engines will be tested to their maximum power, DEME said. The 216.5-metre Orion will have the capacity to accommodate a […]

  • 17 February 2016
    Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    On 16 February, the first of the 150 wind turbines was erected at the Gemini offshore wind farm. The installation vessel Aeolus is packed with five more wind turbines, which are scheduled to go up this week. The Pacific Osprey will also arrive later this week with further 8 turbines. Gemini is expected to produce first power sometime next week. The Dutch 600MW […]

  • 16 February 2016
    Wind Farm Update

    The first power from the 600MW Gemini offshore wind farm being constructed off the coast of the Netherlands could be produced by the end of this month, a spokesperson for the Gemini Windpark told Offshore WIND. The Gemini’s first Siemens 4MW turbine is being installed today, Judith Achterberg, Gemini Windpark’s Communications Manager said, adding that the turbine will […]

  • 16 December 2014
    Authorities, Grid Connection

    The first Capacity Market auction, which started at 09:00 today, is the next stage in the Government’s plan to ensure the lights stay on at the least cost – both now and in the future. The aim of the Capacity Market is to make sure that there is enough capacity available to meet peak electricity […]