Ørsted and Port of Gdynia to Cooperate on Next-Generation Technology Development

Ørsted and Poland’s Port of Gdynia Authority have signed a Letter of Intent to cooperate in the field of unmanned vehicles, drones, robotics, and sustainable transport for the development of offshore wind energy in Poland.

Ørsted and Port of Gdynia to Cooperate on Next-Generation Technology
Source: Port of Gdynia

The aim of the cooperation is the development of innovative technologies and their commercialization on the Polish and the international market.

The Port of Gdynia and Ørsted plan to share knowledge, support each other’s development of business potential, conduct research and development, and develop project proposals and applications
for funding in the areas of unmanned vehicles, drones and robotics, and sustainable maritime transport.

Poland plans to have up to 11 GW of offshore wind capacity in operation or under development by 2027, as set out in the Offshore Wind Act which was signed into law back in January.

5.9 GW of that capacity is in the process of being awarded through Contracts for Difference via administrative decisions by the Energy Regulatory Office (URE).

Earlier this month, Ørsted and PGE secured Contracts for Difference for the Baltica 2 and 3 offshore wind projects with a combined capacity of 2.5 GW.

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”Ørsted highly appreciates the potential of the renewable energy market in Poland and intends to actively invest in the development of Polish offshore wind energy,” said Agata Staniewska, Member of the Management Board of Ørsted Polska OF Services.

”As a company recognized in 2021 as the most sustainable energy concern in the world, we conduct our investments in cooperation with local companies and communities, ensuring that the development of OWF benefits local economic development. We are very pleased that our first Letter of Intent on the Polish market, we sign with the Port of Gdynia an important entity for the development of the Polish supply chain for offshore wind energy and that it is associated with activities for the development of innovation in the Polish economy.”

According to the Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society, offshore wind industry will generate PLN 60 billion in expected GDP growth and create 77,000 jobs by 2030 in Poland. Currently, 78 enterprises are actively involved in the Polish offshore wind energy chain.

Photo: Port of Gdynia