Ørsted Orders Changhua Jacket Foundation Pin-Piles

Ørsted has signed a contract with Taiwan-based Formosa Heavy Industries for the manufacture of jacket foundation pin piles for the two Changhua offshore wind farms with a combined capacity of 900MW.

The contract is valued at around TWD 2 billion (around EUR 56 million).

Each jacket foundation will be fitted with three 90-metre pin-piles each weighing around 400 tons. The contract is scheduled to be completed by March 2021.

In November 2017, Ørsted signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Century Wind Power (CWP), a subsidiary of Century Iron & Steel Industrial, to collaborate on turbine foundation manufacturing with a goal to make CWP become a preferred supplier of the foundations for the projects.

A mock-up of a three-legged jacket foundation is currently being manufactured. CWP is working with Denmark’s Bladt Industries on the construction of the mock-up, as part of a joint venture established as CWP’s subsidiary.

Ørsted’s Greater Changhua project includes four sites located 35 to 60 kilometers off the Changhua coast. The total capacity is expected to be 2.4GW.

In April 2018, the developer secured rights to build two offshore wind farms off Changhua, the 605MW Changua 1 and the 295MW Changhua 2.

Ørsted subsequently won further 920MW capacity for its wind sites offshore Changhua County. The projects are scheduled to be built between 2021 and 2025.

NOTE: The original article was edited on Friday, 12 October, 13:57 CET.

Photo: Source: Ørsted