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Europe update: First half year gives mixed image for offshore wind

A report from the European wind agency EWEA shows mixed statistics for the offshore wind industry so...

Length of article: 7 minutes read

HVDC – Securing supply

When the ‘battle of the currents’ ended in the late 19th century with Westinghouse and t...

Length of article: 17 minutes read

Alicat & South Boats, the state of the union: A rising tide lifts all boats

It was 12 months ago that the company responsible for building more wind farm support vessels than a...

Length of article: 10 minutes read
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Appropriate spare part strategies for faster submarine power-cable repairs

By Jakub Vastmans, Senior Manager Service Product Management at NKT In case of a submarine cable fau...

Posted: over 3 years ago
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Global Leader in Wind Tower production chooses Faccin Group

Written by:Javier Lanfranchi            ...

Posted: over 4 years ago

Big, Bigger, Giantic – XL vibratory technology

Minimising the impacts of underwater noise from piling activities is an important environmental issu...

Length of article: 12 minutes read

Heavy lift: Direct simulation of offshore lifting operations

In recent years more and more heavy lifting crane operations in the offshore industry have been perf...

Length of article: 12 minutes read

WTIVS: The future – An owner/operator’s perspective

Offshore WIND also spoke to the top management of four of the WTIV owner/operators to find out what ...

Length of article: 13 minutes read
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Beyond XXL – Slim Monopiles for Deep-Water Wind Farms

By Steelwind Nordenham. XXL-Monopiles have been successfully used for water depths of up to 40 metre...

Posted: over 4 years ago

WTIVS: The future – New generation designs

Before any wind turbines are installed, before any installation vessels are built and before any ord...

Length of article: 8 minutes read

DEME Group: Aiming at full presence in offshore wind

Although the offshore wind industry has not necessarily grown as fast as Belgium’s DEME Group origin...

Length of article: 15 minutes read

Academia and industry – an essential combination

It has become clear in the previous interviews with industry players that in certain areas of the of...

Length of article: 11 minutes read
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What it’s like being an Engineer at TWD

TWD develops the methods and designs the equipment contractors need to efficiently realize major con...

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Posted: over 4 years ago

First graduate in Minor Offshore Wind in the Netherlands

Offshore WIND was present when in February this year graduate Bram Zijlstra received his degree in M...

Length of article: 5 minutes read

Perspectives from a graduate trainee

Newcastle, Strathclyde and Southampton are Britain’s top three universities to study naval arc...

Length of article: 3 minutes read

Siemens Wind Power

As one of the leading offshore wind players, Siemens Wind Power faces the challenges of recruitment ...

Length of article: 9 minutes read


Dutch VSMC (Visser & Smit Marine Contracting BV) was set up in 2007 as part of Visser & Smit...

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MECAL is an independent engineering company operating globally, offering engineering consultancy ser...

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