Mingyang Aphae

Mingyang to Supply 6.5 MW Turbines for Wind Project Offshore South Korea

China’s Mingyang Smart Energy, in collaboration with Unison, has secured an order from Woori Technology to supply wind turbines for the Aphae offshore wind project in South Korea.

According to Mingyang Smart Energy, the company will supply 13 6.5 MW wind turbines for the 80 MW offshore wind project.

The units will be locally manufactured at the factory in Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea.

The first privately-led offshore wind farm of over 50 MW is located in Jeollanam-do, southwestern Korea.

Back in 2018, the government set a 2030 offshore wind target of 12 GW in its Renewable Energy 3020 Implementation Plan, which was reaffirmed by the now-former South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in in 2020. Since 2022, it has been reported that South Korea has a target of reaching 14.3 GW of offshore wind power by 2030.

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When it comes to Mingyang Smart Energy, the company recently unveiled a new offshore wind turbine model with a rated capacity of 22 MW, namely the MySE 22MW.

The MySE 22MW model would be the most powerful wind turbine in the world and would feature a 310+ metre rotor.

MingYang already has the world’s largest offshore wind turbine in operation at a wind farm – the MySE 16-260 model which was commissioned in July offshore China.

The company is also developing the MySE 18.X-28X offshore wind turbine with a rated capacity of 18 MW.


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