Shimizu Blue Wind

Shimizu Corporation Takes Delivery of Mega Jack-Up

The Japan Marine United (JMU) shipyard delivered the GustoMSC designed and equipped offshore wind turbine installation vessel (WTIV) to Shimizu Corporation at the end of January.


Shimizu unveiled plans to build a wind farm installation vessel back in 2019. The vessel, which is of GustoMSC SC-14000XL design, is 142 metres long, 50 metres, wide, and can accommodate up to 130 personnel.

It is also equipped with GustoMSC variable speed rack and pinion jacking system, providing reliability, stability, and performance even in the harshest offshore conditions, said NOV.

GustoMSC also delivered what they say is the world’s first fully integrated offshore telescopic leg encircling crane, which enables the vessel to install foundations and turbines.

Source: NOV

When deployed in a retracted mode, the crane has a safe working load of 2,500 tonnes with a lifting height of 118 metres above the deck.

Keeping the crane boom in the retracted mode without an extension over the bow could avoid sailing and maneuvring restrictions during transit and in port areas, NOV said.

The crane can then easily transition to an extended mode to install turbines at a height of up to 158 metres above the deck and with a maximum safe working load of 1,250 tonnes.

The jack-up, named Blue Wind, can operate in depths of between 10 and 65 metres, and is capable of loading, transporting, and installing seven 8 MW, or three 12 MW wind turbines at a time. The vessel also features a variable height gangway that was delivered by UK-based Osbit.

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Blue Wind was launched in October last year, and the first project that the vessel will work on is the 9 MW Nyuzen wind farm offshore Nyuzen Town, Shimoniikawa District, Toyama Prefecture. There, the jack-up will transport and install three 3 MW wind turbines which are scheduled to be operational by August 2023.

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The vessel’s second project will be the 112 MW Ishikari Bay offshore wind farm where she will transport and install 14 Siemens Gamesa 8 MW wind turbines expected to be operational by December 2023.

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