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Osbit Delivers Bespoke Gangway for Japan’s Mega Jack-Up

UK-based Osbit has completed its first project for Shimizu Corporation (Shimizu) with the delivery of a bespoke access system for the company’s newbuild offshore jack-up vessel.

Shimizu Corporation
Source: Osbit

Specially designed to suit Shimizu’s requirements, the variable height gangway will be installed on board as a permanent asset to provide access from the vessel to turbine transition pieces.

Extendable to a maximum length of 45 metres, the gangway is equipped with the capability to luff from -30 degrees to +45 degrees and can slew through 330 degrees for full flexibility of operation.

Designed at its Riding Mill office in the UK and manufactured by Alucor in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Northumberland-based Osbit completed the project in 38 weeks.

The gangway was transported from the UAE to Japan, where the vessel will be mobilised.

Shimizu unveiled plans to build a wind farm installation vessel back in 2019.

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The 142-metre long jack-up is being built by Japan Marine United Corporation and is due to be delivered to Shimizu in late 2022.

The Netherlands-based GustoMSC will deliver the jacking system and crane which will have a maximum lifting capacity of 2,500 tonnes and a maximum lifting height of 158 metres.

The self-elevating platform is designed to handle turbines with an individual capacity of 8 MW or more, and is said to be the first such vessel to be built in Japan for the local offshore wind market.

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