EDS HV Provides Formosa 1 High-Voltage Network Consultancy

EDS HV has completed electrical safety commissioning and consultancy work at the Formosa 1 Phase 2 offshore wind project in Taiwan.

EDS HV stated it had provided skills to the local people enabling them to safely and efficiently run their high-voltage network.


The safety rules were adapted and translated from English to Mandarin, before being applied to the offshore and onshore high voltage networks.

The company said it had implemented a safe system of work and trained people under the new safety rules to various levels of authorization, including control engineers, 161kV SAPs and 33kV Wind Turbine Generator SAPs.

“It has been a privilege for EDS to be involved in this landmark project – a major step in Taiwan’s renewable energy ambitions. The successful completion of our work scope is a credit to the EDS team involved, who faced many challenges throughout, including the language barrier, cultural barriers and the difficult climate in which we had to work,” said David Orr, Operations Manager at EDS HV.

“Sharing our knowledge and experience and being able to train the local Taiwan operations and maintenance team will aid the operation and the sustainability of the site.”

Formosa 1 is Taiwan’s first commercial-scale offshore wind farm. It consists of the 8MW Formosa 1 Phase 1, inaugurated in May 2017, and the 120MW Formosa 1 Phase 2 which was officially commissioned in November 2019.

The 128MW wind farm comprises two Siemens Gamesa 4MW turbines and 20 Siemens Gamesa 6MW turbines.