Geo Enters Final Stage of Offshore Surveys for Danish Nearshore Wind Farms

Danish engineering consultancy Geo has started the final phase of the geophysical and geotechnical investigations for Vattenfall’s Vesterhav Nord and Vesterhav Syd nearshore wind farms off Denmark.

Geo initiated geotechnical and geophysical investigations for the wind farms located off the west coast of Jutland in the spring of 2017.

Detailed investigations are being carried out for the planned turbine positions, for the planned cabling between the turbines, and for cabling to the shore, Geo said.

In collaboration with NCT Offshore, Geo launched the drill ship Freja in the first quarter of 2017 with Geo’s new offshore heave compensated drill setup: GeoExperior. The geotechnical drilling work for the nearshore wind farms off the coast of Jutland is the first big project for GeoExperior, since the drill ship was launched.

“The drilling work is performed with Geo’s new heave compensated drill setup, which has lived up to our expectations completely,” said Jens Brink Clausen, Department Director in Offshore Investigations, Geo.

Vesterhav Nord is located off the coast of Thyborøn in two slightly displaced rows, stretching south towards Lemvig. Vesterhav Nord will have a capacity of 180MW, divided between up to 21 turbines, depending on the type of the turbine.

Vesterhav Syd is located off the coast of Søndervig, stretchning south towards Hvide Sand in two rows. The Syd wind farm will have a capacity of 170MW.

Vattenfall secured the rights to build the two nearshore wind farms in September 2016 with the lowest bid of DKK 0.475/kWh (around EUR 0.064 per kWh).

The Swedish energy company plans to start building the two wind farms in 2019, with the full commissioning scheduled for 2020.