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Posted: over 8 years ago
Posted: over 8 years ago
Posted: over 8 years ago

RES Offshore

Renewable energy developer Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (RES) started over 30 years ago and nowadays...

Length of article: 7 minutes read

Offshore wind jobs: Skills shortage is a potential bottleneck for growth

With 40GW installed power still expected to come on stream by 2020 and even 150GW by 2030, the offsh...

  • Jobs & Recruitment
Length of article: 7 minutes read

Falck: Training = Awareness = Minimising risks

When working offshore there should be one golden rule: Safety first! All kinds of legislation and re...

Length of article: 25 minutes read
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Market overview

The Wind Energy sector has been experiencing a solid growth in the recent years, with a total instal...

Posted: over 2 years ago
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Taiwan Steel Structure & Offshore Foundations Leader manufacturer chooses again Faccin Plate Rolling Machines

  Over recent years, the focus of offshore wind investments has started to shift from Europe to...

Posted: over 2 years ago

Offshore engineering centre: A complete package from ABB

The Swedish port of Karlskrona is the home to the ABB High Voltage cables division. This is where HV...

Length of article: 9 minutes read

Weather data: Forecasting for cost reductions

Offshore wind farms are built in areas where it has been determined, by monitoring with met masts an...

Length of article: 8 minutes read

Cost reduction: Safety is safety in any language

Offshore wind power is about as pure as energy generation gets. However, it is frustrating that stat...

Length of article: 13 minutes read
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Free floating wind webinar

Are you an energy professional looking for a slice in the future floating wind industry? If yes – th...

Posted: over 2 years ago

R&D monitoring for optimised turbine designs and O&M

Offshore wind energy continues to experience an increasing share of the electricity generation marke...

Length of article: 15 minutes read

Asia in stats: Big ambitions ahead for Asian offshore wind

Today just over 6GW of offshore wind generation capacity is inst alled world wide, with an equal amo...

Length of article: 12 minutes read

Gamesa: Ready to go offshore

As Gamesa sees its prototype offshore wind turbine produce its first kilowatt hours in the next few ...

Length of article: 18 minutes read
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Free Offshore Wind Webinar

  Do you want to learn how to open up new markets for substantial commercial development in Asi...

Posted: over 2 years ago

Harland and Wolff

Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries Ltd. in Belfast, a Fred. Olsen related company specialising in sh...

Length of article: 8 minutes read

Sif Group

Dutch Sif Group bv is another manufacturer that has been producing for the offshore wind energy indu...

Length of article: 7 minutes read

Bladt Industries A/S

With a history of serving the oil & gas industry dating back over 40 years, Danish steel manufac...

Length of article: 7 minutes read

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Safe air inspection

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are available in all sizes and are applied to various fields of serv...

Length of article: 8 minutes read

Rope access: Working at heights

When working in the rope access sector of the offshore wind industry it is not only an advantage not...

Length of article: 14 minutes read