Offshore Wind Turbines

Japan: the winds of change

Japan has an estimated potential of 144 gigawatts (GW) for onshore wind and 608 GW of offshore wind capacity and therefore the potential to become a leader in Wind Energy production. Considering the lack of land due to high population density in the country, simply makes sense to take advantage of the power potential of offshore wind on Japan’s 29751km of coastline to drive the country’s energy transition. However, today wind power represents only a small percentage of the country’s potential due to the high dependency on nuclear energy and fossil fuels.

However, things are changing. 2020 has been a turning point for offshore wind power in Japan as new regulations come into place and the Japanese government set a goal of slashing greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero by 2050. Offshore wind power generation is expected to become the main source of renewable energy. The Offshore Wind Industry Vision, set as targets the formation of 30 to 45 GW projects and an increase of the domestic procurement ratio by 2040.

In this context, we are glad to announce that Faccin Group has been appointed to supply two heavy-duty plate rolling machines to produce monopiles for the first Offshore Wind Manufacturing project for a leading Japanese company.

The machines will be equipped with the most technologically advanced specifications and accessories in terms of wind package automation, to ensure the highest levels of productivity and quality of the finished product are accomplished.

Offshore wind foundations are defined by different technical requirements depending on the type of structure. Every type requires specific or dedicated equipment configurations to provide to the customer the most optimized solution for its needs.
Such various and complex production types require a precise decisional process to evaluate correctly all the variables, so it is of utmost importance to find suppliers with highly experienced teams that can guide the manufacturer to the most suitable solution.

Initial Project Evaluation
The most critical phase is to correctly define the production needs. Many times, the desired production outcome collides with the real capacity of the equipment available on the market. Therefore, assessing accurately the production needs against the real capabilities of the equipment and the available budget is the first step to a successful conclusion of the project.

Tailor made cost-effective Solutions
FACCIN has always been attentive to customer’s requirements, it is not a coincidence that we were the first supplier to offer a CNC controlled plate rolling machine in 1984.
FACCIN’s single-operator wind tower integrated automation system is designed to maximize the productivity of rolled cans manufacturers by guaranteeing reliability, precision, and a fast-rolling cycle. The system also combines essential components such a robust top support, sturdy side support and self-aligning feeding table, all controlled by a state-of-the-art CNC, enhanced by our long experience in this technology and designed to guarantee our customers’ profitability.

We understand that maintenance down time or unexpected errors may occur during the manufacturing process; that is why, in order to provide a fast and professional service to all our customers around the world, we have incorporated a special function in our Faccin CNC controlled machines called RSM (Remote service management) securely connected to the FACCIN Cloud Service.

It allows the end user to receive immediate assistance directly from our customer service department using live video feed and an easy to use interface so that real-time assistance is provided whenever needed. Upon request, the service department can also see the screen of the console which can help the user run diagnostics or trouble shoot at the spot and our experts can analyse the collected data and provide solutions for improving efficiency.

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Faccin, a brand of the Faccin Group, is proud of producing machines that contribute to the green energy production and believes in the future of the industry. Throughout its Wind Division, experienced engineers ensure a smooth interface with the different areas of the company with the aim of creating technologically advanced solutions for manufacturers of wind towers, wind foundations, wind tower flanges and wind tower door frames.

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