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Damen Shipyards: Working together towards comfort at sea

In just four years Damen Shipyards’ presence in the offshore wind market has grown exponentially and...

Length of article: 15 minutes read

Subsea operations: Learning to use more subsea data

The announcement of the cancellation of the proposed Argyll Array on 11 th December last year, follo...

Length of article: 12 minutes read

Port of Grimsby: An O&M port with a long term future

After the hectic construction and installation phase of the offshore wind industry there is a long t...

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Length of article: 8 minutes read
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Coronavirus: an unprecedented challenge to the manufacturing industry

by Dario Mulazzani, Davi Product specialist Heavy duty and Wind department. The COVID-19 outbreak is...

Posted: over 2 years ago
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How to Develop the US Supply Chain

The US is expecting to create a whole manufacturing industry which will grow on the back of inv...

Posted: over 2 years ago

BOW Terminal: A heavy-lift port

The offshore wind energy industry is growing and several European ports have prepared, or are prepar...

Length of article: 15 minutes read

Iberdrola: Fighting the challenges in developing offshore wind

Despite announcing a substantial divestment programme, which included selling off several onshore wi...

Length of article: 16 minutes read

Oil & Gas versus Wind: Fabricom Offshore Services

With four decades of experience, and providing a wide portfolio of Operations & Maintenance serv...

Length of article: 11 minutes read
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Transition key for future

Transition is a fact of life. Be it in your personal circumstances, as a company, but even as an ind...

Posted: over 2 years ago

Oil & Gas versus Wind: Found Ocean

Adapting its service offering to steer a move into the offshore wind industry has paid off for Found...

Length of article: 12 minutes read

West of Duddon Sands: Challenging the Irish waters

As West of Duddon Sands, one of the largest European wind farms, nears completion, global maritime s...

Length of article: 14 minutes read

Europe update: First half year gives mixed image for offshore wind

A report from the European wind agency EWEA shows mixed statistics for the offshore wind industry so...

Length of article: 6 minutes read
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The Next Chapter of Offshore Wind Energy: Wind to Hydrogen

As the offshore competition is growing in expanding new markets, the balance between productivity an...

Posted: over 2 years ago

HVDC – Securing supply

When the ‘battle of the currents’ ended in the late 19th century with Westinghouse and t...

Length of article: 17 minutes read

Alicat & South Boats, the state of the union: A rising tide lifts all boats

It was 12 months ago that the company responsible for building more wind farm support vessels than a...

Length of article: 10 minutes read

Big, Bigger, Giantic – XL vibratory technology

Minimising the impacts of underwater noise from piling activities is an important environmental issu...

Length of article: 12 minutes read

Heavy lift: Direct simulation of offshore lifting operations

In recent years more and more heavy lifting crane operations in the offshore industry have been perf...

Length of article: 12 minutes read

WTIVS: The future – An owner/operator’s perspective

Offshore WIND also spoke to the top management of four of the WTIV owner/operators to find out what ...

Length of article: 13 minutes read