Haizea Wind and DAVI: a winning team

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Haizea Wind needs no introduction when it comes to the world of Wind Towers and Offshore Foundations. Rolling large diameter parts is their bread and butter in the location in the port of Bilbao, where two DAVI Plate Rolls operate all day long, rolling relentlessly.

“I started in 2020 at Haizea and at that moment I had never worked with DAVI Plate Rolling Machines”, tells us Jos Buijks, Managing Director Haizea Wind Bilbao. “After a few weeks I was very surprised about the good quality of rolling with DAVI Plate Rolls”.

The two 4 Rolls were purchased in 2018 and the installations were conducted successfully by DAVI Customer Support. “A few years ago, we installed these Rolling Machines in the new plant of Haizea and we trained the operators on the machines and all the accessories”, explains Marcelo Montivero, DAVI Wind Energy Division Service Engineer. “After that, the operators were ready to start the production immediately”.

Obviously, the support provided by DAVI had begun much earlier, in the moment when Haizea was entering new projects and was looking for new and state-of-the-art equipment. “During the time of negotiations, when the project started, Haizea was looking for one Plate Rolling Machine specifically for Towers”, says Stefano Santoni, DAVI Wind Energy Division Director. “And a second one that should have been more flexible, for the production of Towers Foundations as well as Monopiles and Transition Pieces. For these reasons they invested in a smaller model, MCB R-30, and then in a bigger one, MCB Z40”.

“What I have noticed in the last years is that the circumferences of the cans which come out of the Rolling Machines are perfect fitting to each other”, continues Buijks. “This fact avoids any waste and is a big advantage of these Plate Rolls”.

The satisfaction of Haizea for the two Machines pairs with their happiness regarding DAVI Customer Support. “At the customer support our priority is to reduce the downtime of the machines”, adds Montivero. “We are always ready to help our customers with the remote troubleshooting and with the daily production”. “When you speak about support and service from DAVI”, comments Buijks, “I would say in one word that this is perfect. Short time for answering, good technical advice and real good support also regarding maintenance”.

“The Wind Energy Market will grow fast in the next 5-10 years”, concludes Santoni. “The new generators’ size with extreme design will bring to new challenges in the production of Towers and Foundations, since thicknesses and diameters are drastically increasing. DAVI is ready with its unique and patented solutions to support the end-users, like Haizea Wind, to increase their efficiency and productivity”.

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