Two UK Firms Forge Ties to Drive Innovation in Offshore Wind Cables

Two UK Firms Forge Ties to Drive Innovation in Offshore Wind Cables

UK companies 2H Offshore and Vekta Group have established a strategic partnership aimed at driving innovation in high-voltage cables for offshore wind developments.

Source: 2H Offshore

London-headquartered 2H provides structural, hydrodynamic, geotechnical engineering and related digital and integrity services for fixed and floating wind, while Edinburgh-headquartered Vekta focuses on electrical engineering of high voltage cables for offshore renewables and has expertise in sizing and array topology optimization, lifecycle costing and loss assessments.

The parties signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) earlier this month which establishes a framework for future collaboration related to offshore wind high-voltage cable initiatives, project tenders and software development within renewables, both in the UK and worldwide.

Ben Andrew, Director at 2H Woking: “2H’s subsea and Vekta group’s HV electrical engineering are a proven partnership. I am very excited about the new opportunities that this MOU will bring for further collaboration to support our clients in developing their offshore wind farms.”

2H and Vekta plan to develop joint solutions to drive innovation in cable system design and optimization of offshore wind site layouts, as well as drive digital advancement through new software initiatives.

The companies have already collaborated on several offshore wind power cable and integrity projects.

“Working with 2H on previous projects has been a hugely positive and supportive experience and we are really looking forward to future works together; it’s a strong demonstration of industry collaboration to tackle common goals and we are keen to help offshore wind clients develop their projects but also further explore innovation and the use of digital tools,” said Charles Balderston, CEO of Vekta Group.