Seaway 7 Orders Huisman Spreader Bar, First Stop Dogger Bank

Seaway 7 has awarded Huisman a contract for the delivery of a 3,000mt Spreader Bar able to handle monopiles with the largest diameter and length currently available, the Dutch heavy-lift specialist said.

Although the Spreader Bar will be built specifically to Seaway 7’s requirements, it is based on a proven Huisman design.

Source: Huisman

The Spreader Bar is said to be optimised to increase both safety and efficiency in monopile and transition piece installation.

Safe operations are ensured via hands-free sling handling of monopiles, remotely controlled by an exchangeable battery pack, Huisman said.

Seaway 7 will initially deploy the Spreader Bar during its execution of the third phase of the Dogger Bank Wind Farm, Dogger Bank C.

When all three phases are completed, the wind farm, off Yorkshire, the UK, will be the world’s largest with a capacity of 3.6 GW – enough to power six million homes.

Seaway 7 is in charge of transporting and installing all of the monopile foundations at the 277-turbine Dogger Bank.

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The company is expected to initially deploy Seaway Strashnov on the project in the second half of 2022. Seaway Strashnow is replacing the newbuild Alfa Lift on the project after the foundation installation vessel suffered a crane accident in October 2021 and is now expected to enter the service after 2022.

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Photo: Huisman