Innovative solutions for wind turbine installation

Building on the successful operation of existing Huisman products for the installation of offshore wind turbines and foundations, Huisman developed a dedicated range of cranes for the offshore wind industry. These cranes are amongst the largest and most sophisticated in their respective classes. Examples are the recently contracted Leg Encircling Crane (LEC) for Jan de Nul's Voltaire vessel, with a lifting capacity of over 3,000mt and heavy lift cranes such as the 4,000mt mast crane onboard the Boskalis Bokalift 2 and the 5,000mt tub mounted crane for Jan de Nul's Les Alizés.


Offshore wind installation cranes 

The product range for customised offshore wind installation cranes is a result of decades of experience in designing and building heavy lift offshore cranes, complemented by operational know how of Huisman’s clients, which is incorporated to improve our designs.

Huisman’s range includes pedestal cranes and mast cranes for both jackup vessels and floating vessels. The lifting capacity of these cranes ranges up to 10,000mt. In addition to the low construction weight, small footprint and small tail swing of the Huisman cranes, these cranes come with electric variable frequency drives, unparalleled lifting heights and an optimised minimum radius for increased workability.

With over 90 years of experience, Huisman has proven a reliable partner in building lightweight cranes that are fully operational from day one. This track record has led many offshore wind turbine installation contractors to choose Huisman to deliver their mission equipment. These recently ordered cranes are designed to enable our customers to install turbines and foundations of the future generations to come.

Installation tools 

In addition to cranes, Huisman focuses on integrating the entire logistics on board these vessels. Huisman supplies smart connection tools (universal quick connector) to connect tools directly to the crane’s lower block and Huisman also develops grippers and handling equipment to improve the safety and efficiency of the entire logistics operation. A concrete example of this is the largest monopile gripper in the world, which was recently delivered to the Jan de Nul Group and has successfully executed its maiden project.

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