China’s First 2,000-tonne Wind Farm Installation Vessel Nears Completion

China’s first 2,000-tonne offshore wind farm installation vessel, named Baihetan, was launched in April in Guangzhou, South China’s Guangdong Province.

Built by China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG), the 126-metre long, 50-metre wide vessel has a full load displacement with a total capacity of 37,000 tonnes and integrates functions such as transport, self-elevating, self-propulsion, lifting, and dynamic positioning.

Once operational, Baihetan will be able to lift cargo as heavy as 2,000 tonnes and work in water depths of up to 70 metres.

With a maximum variable load of 6,500 tonnes and a deck area of 4,200 square metres, the vessel can be used for the installation of 8 MW to 15 MW offshore wind turbines.

The construction of Baihetan started in July 2021 and the vessel is scheduled to be put into operation in Guangdong waters and East China’s Fujian Province by the end of this year.

The shipyard is now expected to start special component and equipment installation and undergo adjustments.

The China-based company also started construction of another wind farm installation vessel in July last year.

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Wudongde measures about 182 metres in length, 46 metres in width, and is China’s first high-performance deep-sea vessel specifically designed for the transport and installation of wind farm infrastructure, said CTG.

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