First Suction Pile Jacket Installed at Changle Waihai OWF

CCCC – First Harbor Engineering Company has installed the first suction pile jacket at the Fujian Changle Waihai offshore wind project in China.

SPT Offshore

CCCC installed the suction pile jacket on 21 February using SPT Offshore’s SAPS007S suction spread.

The Netherlands-based SPT Offshore won a contract in August 2020 for the design and installation of suction pile jacket foundations at the project.

Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) will deliver the turbines.

The 300 MW Changle Area A will consist of 40 turbines, 15 of which mounted on suction pile jacket foundations, while the 496 MW Changle Area C will feature 62 turbines all set to be installed on suction pile jackets.

The wind farm is located in the east water area of Changle, Fuzhou City, 31–50 km from shore in water depths of 37 to 45 m, and is currently the farthest and deepest offshore wind farm in China.