Triton Knoll East Topside Heads Offshore

The topside for the Triton Knoll Offshore Substation Platform (OSP) East has left Vlissingen in the Netherlands and is en route to the installation site off Lincolnshire, UK.

Once there, the topside will be lowered onto its monopile foundation by Seaway 7’s installation vessel Seaway Strashnov.

Seaway Strashnov installed the Triton Knoll OSP West topside in April.

The two substations will collect the electricity generated by the wind farm’s MHI Vestas 9.5 MW wind turbines and transmit it over 50 kilometres to the UK grid. The two export cables that will link the substations to the grid will be installed this summer.

Siemens Energy designed the OSPs and Smulders, in partnership with ENGIE Fabricom, built the topsides and the specialised monopile foundations.

Located some 32 kilometres offshore, the 857 MW Triton Knoll will comprise 90 wind turbines and two offshore substations slated for commissioning in 2021.

The wind farm is jointly owned by innogy, J-Power, and Kansai Electric Power.

Innogy is managing the project construction and long-term operation and maintenance works, on behalf of its project partners.

Photo: Triton Knoll OSP West/innogy