EOLOS floating LiDAR at sea

EOLOS Starts Ticking Floating LiDAR Stage 3 Boxes

EOLOS has started fulfilling the floating LiDAR Stage 3 requirements of the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator Roadmap, after having two separate full-year deployment campaigns, throughout which the LiDAR met Stage 3 Key Performance Indicators.


To fully achieve Stage 3, EOLOS needs to have its floating LiDAR deployed for several full-year campaigns.

The FLS200 LiDAR has been installed for two years at the Baltica offshore wind project site off Poland, and for over a year now at the Moray West offshore wind farm in the UK sector of the North Sea.

In December 2019, Moray West chose to extend the campaign with EOLOS for another year.

According to the Barcelona-based company, Stage 3 is a key milestone in the industrialisation and acceptance of floating LiDAR as the turn-to method of obtaining site-specific offshore wind data.

Stage 3 of the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator Roadmap focuses on proving consistent high levels of availability. EOLOS stated that its floating LiDAR exceeded the Key Performance Indicators during campaigns at Moray West and Baltica.

Stage 2, which EOLOS achieved in 2016, involved demonstrating a high level of accuracy through extended validation periods.

“EOLOS has been working hard for this quantifiable and evidence-based achievement, something that is wholly attributed to the in-house engineering team for yielding an inherently robust product with first-class suppliers,” said Julian Harland, EOLOS Sales Director.

The FLS200 is equipped to gather combined wind, wave and current information, while the on-board ZephIR 300M provides wind information from deck level and remotely up to 200m above the buoy.

NOTE: The initial article published on OffshoreWIND.biz on 11 February implicated that EOLOS had already met the Stage 3 requirements. The article has been amended to show that several campaigns meeting Stage 3 requirements are needed to fully achieve Stage 3.