IHC IQIP Clamps Down On Offshore Wind Order in Taiwan

IHC IQIP has won a contract to provide 84 jacket pile grippers for an offshore wind project in Taiwan.

The company did not disclose the name of the project; however, it did say that the jacket pile grippers will be used to install the wind farm’s 21 jacket foundations in 2020.

Based on the information provided, the grippers will most likely be used on the 109.2MW Changhua offshore wind farm.

Located off the coast of Fangyuan in Changhua County, Central Western Taiwan, Taiwan Power Company’s Changhua project comprises 21 Hitachi 5.2MW turbines installed on jacket foundations.

Jan De Nul and Hitachi are in charge of the overall work covering the manufacturing and installation of the foundations and the turbines at the wind farm.

Jan De Nul’s scope of work includes the design, fabrication and installation of the foundations, wind turbine installation, the supply and installation of cables off- and onshore, as well as for the upgrading of the electrical substation.

Hitachi is in charge of manufacturing, assembly, operation and maintenance, and other work related to the 21 wind turbines.

The wind farm is scheduled to be operational by the end of the year.

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