EDS HV Wraps Up Work on Elia's MOG

EDS HV Wraps Up Work on Elia’s MOG

EDS HV Group has completed testing, jointing and termination work at Elia’s Modular Offshore Grid (MOG) in the Belgian North Sea.

Hellenic Cables

EDS worked to establish a connection between the MOG’s offshore submarine cables and the onshore cables at Elia’s Stevin 380kV onshore substation in Zeebrugge.

Sub-contracted by cable manufacturer Hellenic Cables, EDS said it completed the preparation of two onshore transition joint bays with clean working habitats to help connect specialized 245kV cable joints with integrated fibre-optics.

The company connected the three 245kV HV and FO cable end terminations to the MOG and one to the substation of the Rentel offshore wind farm.

“I would like to thank EDS and its team for their commitment, hard work and determination. For both the clients, and Hellenic Cables, this result is of high importance as the MOG project plays a vital role for Belgium’s energy plan,” said Ioannis Stergiou, Senior Project Manager at Hellenic Cables.

Elia inaugurated the MOG in mid-September and in 2020 the grid is expected to begin gathering electricity generated by the Rentel, Northwester 2 and SeaMade offshore wind farms and transmitting it to the mainland.

It features the Offshore SwitchYard (OSY) platform, constructed by Heerema Fabrication Group, linked with the Stevin substation in Zeebrugge.