Taiwan Sets Out New Offshore Wind Feed-in-Tariffs

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has set out the new feed-in-tariff (FiT) at TWD 5.5160/kWh (EUR 0.156731/kWh) for the 20-year offshore wind Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) signed in 2019.


The wind projects that sign their PPAs in 2019 will receive TWD 6.2795/kWh during the first ten years of operation, and TWD 4.1422 for the remaining ten years.

The Ministry initially proposed a FiT of TWD 5.106/kWh for 2019 PPAs, a 12.7% decrease compared to the 2018 rate of TWD 5.8498/kWh. This proposal was met with backlash from the developers and the industry associations.

Taiwan awarded a total of 5.5GW of offshore wind capacity in two separate tendering rounds in April and June 2018.

Offshore wind developers that secured the rights to build wind farms are obligated to sign PPAs for the projects with the state-owned Taiwan Power Corp (Taipower) by the end of 2019.