BorWin3 Jacket Assumes Position

The jacket foundation for TenneT’s 900MW BorWin3 HVDC platform has been installed in the German North Sea.

Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) transported the jacket and the accompanying piles from Heerema Fabrication Group’s facilities in the Netherlands and installed them some 130 kilometres off the German coast.

The jacket is now ready for the Siemens HVDC topside that will convert the alternating current produced by offshore wind turbines to direct current before transmitting it onshore to the German national grid via a 160-kilometre cable link.

Petrofac, one of the two main contractors on the project, awarded Heerema Fabrication Group with the contract to manufacture the jacket and the piles for the BorWin Gamma platform in early 2016. Siemens is the project’s second main contractor appointed by TenneT.

BorWin3 is expected to be commissioned in 2019.

Images: TenneT


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