Barge Accident Scars Foundation Off Rhode Island

Following the commencement of Block Island offshore wind farm construction, the developer was struck by a hazard.

Namely, one of the barges being used during the construction hit the installed jacket foundation making a dent in one of four legs, writes The Providence Journal.

“This is the kind of thing that can happen in construction projects, especially those offshore,” said the Providence-based company, Deepwater Wind.

They also noted that the repair will not affect the project time frame as their “flexible schedule provides us more than enough time to address things like bad weather or repairs such as this one.”

The first jacket foundation was installed on Saturday by the floating barge crane, Weeks 533, while the whole foundation installation is expected to take eight weeks.

After it is completed, the wind farm will produce enough clean electricity to power 17,000 homes.

OffshoreWIND staff; Image: Jeff Grybowski/twitter