Seaway Heavy Lifting Wins Deal to Install Substations and Foundations on Sheringham Shoal (UK)

Seaway Heavy Lifting announces that it’s being awarded by Scira Offshore Energy Ltd the Foundation installation contract, including installation of two offshore Substation Topsides for the Sheringham Shoal project.

Sheringham Shoal is a wind farm of 88 turbines and 2 substations over an area of 35 km2, located east of the UK approximately 17 to 23 km from the north Norfolk coastal Sheringham and 5km north of the offshore sand bank known as Sheringham Shoal. For this project SHL will install the remaining wind turbine foundations consisting of 66 Mono Piles and 71 Transition Pieces as well as the two Substation Topsides, with the Oleg Strashnov making this the first project to be performed with our new vessel. The work further includes the inland transport of the Mono Piles from Kats to Flushing and providing the equipment and services for the grout connections between the Mono Piles and the Transition Pieces.

The water depth on the wind farm varies from 14 to 24 m LAT. The Mono Piles have a tip diameter 4,740 – 5,700 mm, a top diameter of 4,740 mm and a length between 40 and 61 meter, weighing between 375 and 531mt. The Transition Pieces are 25 m in height, with a diameter of 5,000 mm and a weight of 220mt. The Substation Topsides have a weight of 800mt each. With this project, SHL will again be able to show its valuable contribution for installing offshore turbine foundations and substations.

Seaway Heavy Lifting is an international offshore installation and removal contractor experienced in the installation and removal of offshore oil and gas platforms as well as large foundation structures for offshore wind industry. SHL’s expertise, equipment and track record ensures that the oil- and utility companies’ assets are installed in a safe, reliable and timely manner. SHL’s current main assets are the DP3 monohull crane vessel Oleg Strashnov with, 5000mt revolving lift capacity, and the Stanislav Yudin, a monohull crane vessel with 2500mt revolving lift capacity.


Source: shl, March 11, 2011