This event is dedicated entirely to the operation of offshore ships & workboats used in the construction & maintenance of offshore wind farms.

The forum will provide the opportunity for a max. of 220 delegates to engage with a panel of speakers made up of the leading experts in this fast growing industry. Participants will be able to evaluate and debate different angles used for installation and operation of offshore wind farms. The forum will highlight the following factors:

• How can we optimize ship operation?

• What are the ship financing solutions today?

• What are the windfarm installation methods of the future?

• What are the ideal vessels for windfarm maintenance?

• What are the challenges today & tomorrow?

• How can we reduce costs of installation & maintenance?

• What vessels do we need to design for installation of windfarms?

Offshore windfarms are a way to combat the effects of climate change. They produce hundreds of construction, operations and maintenance jobs in each region, and of course reduce our reliance on imported fossil fuels, as well as the need to build more oil, coal, gas or nuclear power plants and the risks associated with them.

Offshore wind is the answer for any pollution prevention program to offset oil & gas emissions. The future for our children lies here!

About the organizers…

Founded in 1998 by Capt.Thomas S Wissmann, SHIPS4EVER.COM is a global ship brokerage and vessel management network. Within the network SHIPS4EVER.COM offers comprehensive services from sourcing the right vessels, to managing day to day ship operation, project management for conversions/new build vessels, and time charter arrangements. The company’s services are led by selected qualified operators who have a lifetime of experience in this field. The network is connected to many offshore windfarm operators and with this forum would like to contribute to the development of cheaper wind energy.


Source: ships4ever, August 5, 2010