Denmark: LM Glasfiber is now known as LM Wind Power

LM Glasfiber announced today that it is changing its name to LM Wind Power. The company has also taken the opportunity to update its whole brand presentation and corporate identity presenting a new logo to go with the name.

Following an intense transformation over the past years, LM Wind Power is set and ready for the future. In line with the wind industry, the company has gone from pioneering technology to global industrial excellence – this is also what comes across in the new, powerful visual identity.

After years of rapid growth and its share of hurdles, the wind industry has grown up. In the years to come it will become a much more professional and efficient industry where large utilities and industrial corporations set the pace.

“We are looking to the future and changing our name to reflect what we actually do – providing clean power from the wind. But the formation of LM Wind Power for example, is not just about a new name – it relies on

the wealth of experience gained over nearly three decades and a renewed vision of the future,” said Roland Sunden, Chief Executive Officer, LM Wind Power Group.

30 years of experience in the manufacture and development of wind turbine blades provides the company with a key advantage – especially with such increased competition and so many new companies aspiring to,

and entering, the renewable energy sector. With such a heritage the company is striving to underpin its position as market leader by passing on the advantages of a high degree of specialist technical know-how, global presence and large-scale production to customers in locations where they want to buy and use its products. It was therefore, an important step to incorporate its core business activity into a new name.

The letters LM retain the relationship with the past and the words ‘Wind Power’ have been added because its world-class expertise is strongly focused on helping customers provide just that. The new logo combines these elements in its graphic design, with blade-like elements in the letters and colors reflecting the technical nature of the advanced manufacturing environment.

For additional information please contact:

LM Wind Power

Helle Larsen Andersen, Senior Manager Communications Tel. +45 51388369

E-mail [email protected]

The LM Wind Power Group comprises LM Wind Power Blades (former LM Glasfiber), LM Wind Power Service and Logistics (a newly established operation) and Svendborg Brakes, acquired in 2009. The letters LM derive from the founding company, a small Danish wooden furniture manufacture, Lunderskov Mobelfabrik which went on to experiment with fiber glass for other applications before beginning to manufacture wind turbine blades as LM Glasfiber in the 1970’s.


Source: lmwindpower, April 20, 2010;