Windar Renovables Polish City

Windar and Polish City Strengthen Ties for New Offshore Tower Facility

A letter of intent has been signed between the City of Szczecin and Windar Polska, strengthening the company’s cooperation for the construction of its new facility in Poland.

Windar Renovables Polish City
Source: Windar Renovables via LinkedIn

“The signing of the letter is another important step for the economic development of Szczecin. We want to be actively involved in the process of building a new factory in Szczecin. We declare broad support for Windar,” said Michał Przepiera, deputy president of Szczecin.

The new offshore wind turbine tower factory was announced in February 2022, when Windar Renovables said it decided to invest EUR 80 million to build the facility to serve the emerging offshore wind industry in the Baltic Sea.

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Two years ago, Windar said the factory would be producing 100 towers per year for offshore wind turbines with an output of between 14 MW and 16 MW.

In a social media post on 16 January, the company said the XXL offshore wind tower manufacturing facility was designed to support the new generation turbines that have a single unit capacity of 20 MW.

At the beginning of the year, Windar Renovables received the final approval for its manufacturing facility in Poland as the Spanish firm and Szczecin Port Authority ratified the concession agreement for the port site where the facility will be built.

“With the collaboration and contribution of all those involved, we will succeed in ensuring that this project becomes a significant benchmark at European level,” said Orlando Alonso, Executive Chairman of Windar Renovables.

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