F.lli Righini Delivers to Heerema Marine Contractors World-First Lifting and Upending Tools for the EnBW He Dreiht Offshore Wind Farm

F.lli Righini Srl has successfully completed a major project awarded in 2022 by Heerema Marine Contractors. The scope of work for the Italian supplier included engineering, fabrication, and testing of highly innovative tools: a Monopile Lifting and Upending Tool and a Monopile Tip Lifting Tool.

Photo source: F.lli Righini

The Monopile Lifting and Upending Tool boasts several special features, making it the first of its kind currently on the market with a patent pending. Its main feature is an interchangeable system designed to lift and upend both flanged and unflanged monopiles, facilitated by a special system positioned underneath the main frame of the tool. Additionally, it includes a rotation system for turning the monopile itself and is engineered and built to accommodate various diameters, with the capability to handle piles up to 8.5 meters in diameter and weighing up to 2000 tonnes. The Monopile Tip Lifting Tool can also accommodate various pile diameters, with a maximum bottom diameter of up to 10 meters. The final stage of the project presented particular challenges, as it involved full-scale load and functional tests of both tools to simulate operating conditions. This required the development of special test benches engineered and built specifically for this application. The Monopile Lifting and Upending Tool underwent load testing and certification at 3600 tonnes, while the Monopile Tip Lifting Tool was certified at 1850 tonnes.

The inclusion of these special features provides great flexibility to Heerema Marine Contractors, enabling them to utilize the tools on numerous projects with different pile types and diameters. The concept of a combination tool, resulting from months of collaboration, aligns perfectly with the sustainability strategies of both companies. The circular design of the tools allows for re-use and optimization of resources, in line with Heerema Marine Contractors’ Prevent and Reuse strategies. F.lli Righini Srl has also embarked on a journey to provide its clients with tailor-made circular solutions, aiming to partially re-use equipment for future projects and therefore limiting several risks including lead time, investment costs, and training resources.

The tools were loaded from the Ravenna Port and will be deployed for the first time for the installation of 64 unflanged monopiles for the He Dreiht Offshore Wind Farms off the coast of Germany in May 2024. During the next phase of the project, F.lli Righini will provide highly skilled personnel who will work closely with Heerema Marine Contractors’ Thialf Crew to ensure smooth commissioning and operations.

“In 2022, we were honoured to be awarded this major project, and today, we are immensely proud of the collaboration and partnership with our Client over the past months. The excellent cooperation allowed us to overcome various challenges and successfully deliver the equipment. We extend our gratitude to Heerema for their long-lasting trust and collaboration, and we look forward to supporting our client during the commissioning and operations phases in the coming months. We can proudly say we have lived by Heerema Marine Contractors’ motto and, together with our Client, we made the impossible possible offshore.” said Renzo Righini, Chief Executive Officer at F.lli Righini.

F.lli Righini is a family business founded in 1951, a leader in the offshore Oil & Gas industry since the 1970s, and strongly active in the Offshore Wind Industry since 2019. For the wind industry, the company has delivered numerous equipment and can support its clients with lifting systems for all foundation types (monopiles, jackets, and Gravity Based Systems), upending hinges and skidding systems, special lifting and upending tools, jacket levelling systems, and mooring components for the Floating Wind Industry. F.lli Righini Srl has a strongly integrated supply chain, as the company’s strategy is to carry out all the following activities internally: engineering, procurement, pre-fabrication, machining, assembly, and testing. Additionally, F.lli Righini supports its clients by providing assistance through highly skilled technicians during start-up, commissioning, and operations, covering all major disciplines: superintendent, mechanical, software, electrical, and hydraulic.

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