ZF Wind Power Sends Off First Vestas V236-15 MW Offshore Wind Turbine Powertrain

ZF Wind Power has sent off the first powertrain for Vestas’s V236-15 MW offshore wind turbine, ahead of serial production starting next year.

ZF Wind Power

The Vesta’s powertrain is transported from Belgium to Denmark via inland waterways and seas.

The Vestas V236-15 MW wind turbine features 115.5-long blades and, with a swept area of 43,742 m2, it can produce up to 80 GWh per year depending on site-specific conditions which is the equivalent of the yearly use of 20,000 households, according to ZF Wind Power.

The company also added that the serial production of the 15 MW powertrain for the offshore wind market will kick off at ZF Wind Power Lommel in the first quarter of 2024.

In Antwerp, Belgium, a seagoing vessel will be loaded completely with powertrains on their way to their destination.

If the units have been transported one by one on the road, time and costs would be much higher, said the company.


According to ZF Wind Power, transport on waterways is not only independent of roadblocks, but it is also more trustworthy, and delivery times are predictable in detail since there are hardly any traffic jams.

“The combination of inland shipping and shortsea transport offers many advantages and new opportunities for ZF Wind Power. By opting for inland shipping, they can not only save costs, but also achieve a significant CO2 reduction,” said Chris Danckaerts, CEO of De Vlaamse Waterweg nv.

“Transport by waterways allows us to optimize logistics processes, while contributing to a more sustainable future,” said Felix Henseler, CEO of ZF Wind Power.

In April, ZF Wind Power ordered a 15 MW end-of-line test rig from R&D Test Systems which will support the testing of two powertrains a day.

The rig conducts energy-efficient load tests, powered by the 15 MW generators of the powertrains, providing 18 MNm of torque to test the unit at high load levels, according to ZF Wind Power.

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