World’s Largest Wind Turbine Takes On Typhoon, Comes On Top

Goldwind’s GWH252-16MW wind turbine, installed at the Zhangpu Liuao offshore wind farm owned and developed by China Three Gorges, has produced 384.1 megawatt-hours in a 24-hour period, setting a new world record for an individual wind turbine in the given period.

The record was achieved on 1 September while the wind farm offshore the Fujian province was experiencing wind speeds of up to 23.56 metres per second (around 85 kilometres per hour) due to the typhoon ‘Haiku’, China Three Gorges said.

The electricity produced during the 24-hour period can meet the daily needs of nearly 170,000 people, the developer said.

Goldwind’s GWH252-16MW model has 123 metres long blades and a rotor diameter of 252 metres.

Source: Goldwind/Han Lei

With a swept area of around 50,000 square metres, one such wind turbine is capable of generating 34.2 kWh of electricity per single revolution.

The wind turbine was installed at the site in late June and connected to the grid on 19 July.


Haiku was the third typhoon the Goldwind 16 MW wind turbine has withstood so far, this time breaking the 24-hour production record, China Three Gorges said.

The record for the 24-hour output by an individual turbine was previously held by the Vestas V236-15.0 MW™ prototype offshore wind turbine which produced 363 megawatt-hours in a day back in August this year.


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