PHOTO: World’s Biggest Offshore Wind Turbine Stands in China

China Three Gorges (CTG) and Goldwind have announced that the 16 MW wind turbine, whose installation off Fujian Province started a few days ago, is now up at a 400 MW offshore wind farm in Pingtan.

The wind turbine – currently the biggest in the world – will spin at the second phase of CTG’s Zhangpu Liuao offshore wind farm, where the work on erecting the turbine started a few days ago.

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Goldwind’s GWH252-16MW model has 123 metres long blades and a rotor diameter of 252 metres. With a swept area of around 50,000 square metres, one such wind turbine is capable of generating 34.2 kWh of electricity per single revolution.

The wind turbine, which will now undergo commissioning and testing before grid connection, was installed by CTG’s new installation vessel Baihetan.

The nacelle for Goldwind’s first 16 MW unit was rolled out in the fourth quarter of 2022 at CTG’s Offshore Wind Power International Industrial Park in China. A few months later, CTG announced the start of construction of the second phase of its Zhangpu Liuao offshore wind farm and said the 400 MW project would feature 16 MW turbines.

Below, you can find the photos of the installation 16 MW wind turbine that CTG and Goldwind shared on 29 June: