Sif Orders PEMA Kit for XXXL Monopile Production Lines

Finnish welding specialist Pemamek has won an order to supply PEMA production automation solutions to the Dutch offshore wind monopile foundation manufacturer Sif Holding.

Sif Holding

The delivery includes PEMA plate joining lines for XXXL monopile foundation manufacturing and extensive service agreements.

According to Sif, as the need for more powerful offshore wind turbines grows, the demand for stronger foundations increases with it.

The bottom diameter for the XXXL monopiles that Sif can manufacture is 11.5 metres and with the new PEMA plate joining lines, the company secures the capability to meet future market demand, the Dutch manufacturer said.

The project is expected to be delivered during the third quarter of 2024 and ready for full-capacity production by the end of 2024.

The investment in PEMA production automation is part of Sif’s recent announcement on constructing the world’s largest monopile foundation manufacturing plant in Maasvlakte, the Netherlands.

Sif made the Final Investment Decision to construct the world’s largest monopile foundation manufacturing plant in February.

The upgraded manufacturing plant is expected to significantly increase the total combined capacity of Sif to 500 kilotons a year and upgrade Sif’s capabilities to manufacture the equivalent of 200 XXXL, 11-metre diameter, 2,500 tonnes reference monopile foundations a year.

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