Swedish Company Submits Three Offshore Wind Applications in Poland

Sweden-based Eolus Vind has submitted applications for developing three offshore wind farms in the Polish Baltic Sea.

Photo credit: Ole Jørgen Bratland / Hywind Tampen floating offshore wind farm

The three potential projects have an expected capacity of 1,000 MW, 1,200 MW, and 1,060 MW. The offshore wind farms are intended to be ready for construction in 2029 and completed by 2031.

The Polish government has launched a new auction scheme covering eleven areas in the Baltic Sea, representing an expected total capacity of over 10 GW.

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In March 2021, Eolus established its own organisation in Poland and appointed Daniel Larsson as country manager to lead the operations.

According to Eolus, the company intends to contribute to the energy transition through development, construction, sales, and asset management services of facilities with the lowest possible cost for the benefit of the Polish industry and Polish consumers.

The company has a portfolio of offshore wind projects with a total capacity of 2,500 MW.

Eolus is also currently investigating the conditions for an offshore wind farm in northern Kattegat in the territorial sea and Sweden’s economic zone. The company is planning to install up to 50 wind turbines in this area with a total height of up to 320 metres.

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