Poland Offering Concessions for Three New Offshore Wind Areas

Polish Ministry of Infrastructure has launched a procedure for granting concessions for three more offshore wind areas after launching the same procedure for three areas on 21 January and for further three on 8 February. The Ministry has invited developers to submit applications within 60 days of the announcement which, for the last three areas, was issued on 18 February.

Illustration; Photo source: RWE

While the application period is now open for the three new areas, it is also still possible to apply for permits for the previous six areas as the 60-day windows are still running.

The addition of the three new areas was announced by the country’s Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marek Gr├│barczyk on 18 February.

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The announcements on the Ministry’s website include, inter alia,┬áthe exact locations for which applications can be submitted and the criteria for evaluating the applications. If there are competing applications for a same area, the Minister of Infrastructure will conduct a decision-making procedure, with the decision then announced in the government’s Public Information Bulletin.

The Polish Government has so far offered eleven new areas in total for the development of offshore wind farms, as well as energy islands. Two of the areas were open for applications in the fourth quarter of 2021.

As reported at the beginning of this month, Polish energy companies PKN Orlen and PGE have already submitted multiple applications for location permits to develop offshore wind farms in newly designated areas of the Polish Baltic Sea.

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PKN Orlen has applied for licences for seven areas and said it would submit applications for the remaining four once the next stage of the administrative procedure was launched.

PGE has submitted applications for six location permits, of which two were filed jointly with Enea and one jointly with Tauron.

According to the Poland Energy Policy 2040, between 9 GW and 11 GW of offshore wind capacity is to be developed in Polish waters.

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