Edda Wind CSOV Nears Sea Trials

A naming ceremony has been held at Astilleros Gondán Shipyard for Edda Breeze, a commissioning service operation vessel (CSOV) built for the Norwegian shipowner Edda Wind.

This is the first of five CSOVs Astilleros Gondán S.A is building for Edda Wind.

Designed by Salt Ship Design, the 88.3 metre-long vessel has an accommodation capacity for 120 people (93 technicians and 27 crew members), a 3D motion-compensated crane, a motion compensated gangway with a maximum range of 28 metres, and an integrated elevator with a capacity for up to 26 persons.

The vessel, featuring a propulsion system which allows for a future installation of zero-emission hydrogen technology, is almost completed and is now being prepared for sea trials before commencing operations at BARD 1 offshore wind farm in the German North Sea in July.

According to Gondán, the preparations for future zero emission propulsion systems were funded by a Norwegian government enterprise Enova SF.

The vessel will serve as the mother vessel for wind turbine technicians as they perform commissioning and maintenance work on offshore wind turbines.

The charter agreement with Ocean Breeze, the operator of BARD 1 offshore wind farm, commenced in the second quarter of 2021 and was signed for a period of eleven years.

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The contract is currently being served by Edda Fjord, launched in May 2021, before Edda Breeze is delivered in the second quarter of 2022.

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Photo: Edda Wind