First Sino-Foreign Offshore Wind Project Fully Commissioned

The EDF Group and China Energy Investment Corporation have commissioned the 200 MW Dongtai V offshore wind farm.

Located in the China Sea, off the Jiangsu coast, North of Shanghai, its construction took 20 months, France’s EDF Group said. The wind farm was put into operation on 20 November.

Dongtai V offshore wind farm. Source: China Energy

Together with the 300 MW Dongtai IV wind farm, commissioned in December 2019, EDF Group now operates 500 MW in offshore wind capacity in China.

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The Dongtai IV and V wind farms lie approximately 40 kilometres off the Jiangsu coast and operate 125 wind turbines which will generate electricity covering the annual needs of 2 million local inhabitants.

The total investment for two projects was around CNY 8 billion (USD 1.25 billion), China Energy said.

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The joint venture between CEI and the EDF Group (37.5 per cent) operates both the Dongtai IV and V wind farms. It is the first Sino-French joint venture dedicated to the development and operation of offshore wind energy projects in China.

”The EDF Group is delighted to strengthen its historical positions in China through the completion of the Dongtai offshore wind project together with our Chinese partner, CEI,” Bruno Bensasson, EDF Group Senior Executive Vice President Renewable Energies and Chairman & CEO of EDF Renewables, said.

”We are committed to supporting the country achieve its energy goals and to furthering the development of decarbonised energy. This new Dongtai V offshore wind project represents another step forward for the EDF Group’s CAP 2030 strategy, which aims to double its net installed energy capacity worldwide from 28 GW in 2015 to 60 GW in 2030.”