China’s First Foreign-Backed Offshore Wind Farm Spins into Action

All 75 4MW turbines at the 300MW Dongtai IV (H2) offshore wind farm have been switched on, China Energy Investment Group said.

Dongtai IV is the first offshore wind project in China built in collaboration with a foreign investor.

Back in March, China Energy Investment Group and France’s EDF Group signed an agreement to jointly develop two offshore wind projects in China with a combined capacity of 500MW.

Dongtai IV (H2) is one of those projects, the other being the 200MW Dongtai V offshore wind farm.

Located 42 kilometres off the coast of Dongtai, Jiangsu Province, Dongtai IV is also the farthest offshore wind farm in China.

The wind farm covers an area of 48.1 square kilometres with an average depth of six metres.