GE Haliade-X Wind Turbines to Stay Dry with Cotes Kit

GE Renewable Energy has selected Cotes to provide dehumidifiers for the GE Haliade-X offshore wind turbines.

The dry-air solution that Cotes provides to GE Renewable Energy, a combined desalter and dehumidifier, is now approved for global Haliade-X wind farm projects starting with the Dogger Bank wind farm in the North Sea, Cotes said.

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”It is essential to us that our turbines are reliable and deliver to their full potential with as little downtime as is absolutely necessary, which is why protecting against potential damages is a top priority. We’re very satisfied with the dehumidification solutions from Cotes and look forward to future collaboration,” Sébastien Hirot, Commodity Leader at GE Renewable Energy Offshore Wind.

The 3.6 GW Dogger Bank project is expected to be fully commissioned in 2026. The wind farm will be built in three 1.2 GW phases: Dogger Bank A, B, and C.

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If you were to look inside the Dogger Bank substation, you would also see a Cotes adsorption [desiccant] dehumidifier protecting the sensitive electrical equipment from humidity and corrosion-related electrical faults, Cotes said.

Future GE projects like Vineyard Wind, the first utility-scale commercial offshore wind farm in the US, will also have Cotes dry-air solution installed in the wind turbine tower.

”We’re really pleased that GE Renewable Energy selected Cotes and our patented technology to manage humidity conditions inside their turbines, and we look forward to furthering collaboration. We’re proud to be involved in securing the lowest possible Levelized cost of energy for GE and their customers,” said Cotes CEO, Martin Brøchner-Mortensen.

To date, Cotes has supplied dehumidifiers with a patented desalting solution for 154 GE Haliade 150-6MW offshore wind turbines.

Photo: GE Renewable Energy