First Floating-to-Fixed Wind Turbine Connection Completed Offshore China

China’s Orient Cable (NBO) has completed a dynamic subsea cable project on an EPCI basis for the world’s first pilot anti-typhoon floating wind turbine at the China Three Gorges (CTG) 400 MW Yangxi Shapa III offshore wind farm.

Source: NBO

The commissioning test on the Ming Yang 5.5 MW floating wind turbine was completed on 1 September and the unit is now ready to be connected to the wind farm, NBO said.

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The wind turbine is mounted on a semi-submersible floating foundation built by Wison Offshore & Marine and is the first in the world to be connected to a fixed-bottom turbine.

NBO used one 35 kV dynamic cable to connect the floating wind turbine to the fixed-bottom turbine.

”Considering the extreme weather condition in South China Sea, it needs the dynamic cable to meet the requirements operating under even 17 class typhoon condition, which sets a lot of challenges for the whole engineering work, including tensile, anti-bending,anti-fatigue,etc,” NBO said.

”Besides, distributed buoyancy and ballast are adopted to keep the configuration in shallow water(depth ranging from 29m-35m). NBO engineering team with years of experiences in Umbilical in O&G, conducted various calculation and dynamic modeling considering all possible circumstances at engineering phase to ensure a safe installation operation.”