Chinese Offshore Wind Farm First to Connect Fixed and Floating Turbine

Orient Cable has won a contract to provide dynamic cable for an offshore wind project in China which will connect a floating wind turbine to a fixed unit.

Ningbo Orient (NBO) plans to use one 35 kV dynamic cable to connect the 5.5 MW floating wind turbine to the fixed-bottom turbine.

Source: Orient Cable

The plan is to deliver the cable in the middle of the year for the project located in the Southern China Sea.

China’s first floating wind turbine will be installed at China Three Gorges (CTG) 400 MW Yangxi Shapa III wind farm off the coast of Yangjiang City in Guangdong Province.

The 5.5 MW MingYang turbine will be deployed for demonstration purposes.

CTG’s Yangxi Shapa III will also comprise 31 MySE6.45-180 turbines mounted on fixed-bottom foundations.