An image showing 3D view of's jacket lifting tool Equips Boskalis with Jacket Lifting Tool for Work in Taiwan has produced a Jacket Lifting Tool (JLT) specially made for the installation of jacket foundations that will be carried out by Boskalis on a Taiwanese project.

While left the project unnamed, the company did say its tool will be used during loading, unloading and installation of 62 jackets, which points to the 62-turbine Changfang and Xidao offshore wind farm, for which the loading of the pin-piles onto Boskalis’s Bokalift 1 heavy-lift vessel has just started.

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Eager-one’s JIT tool will be used for the load-out of jackets from the quayside on board the heavy lift vessel. In addition, the tool will be deployed for lifting the jackets from the heavy lift vessel to the final installation position.

The jacket lifting tool measures approximately 8 by 6 by 5 metres and has a total working load limit (WLL) of 2,233 tonnes. The tool is designed with 6 clamps, that will jointly lift the jacket.

To minimize tilt, regardless of the location of the Center of Gravity (CoG) on the jacket that needs to be installed, the JLT is equipped with a Center of Gravity adjustment system, said.

The complete hydraulic system, cameras and lighting are all powered by battery packs, which eliminates the need for an umbilical. However, the jacket lifting tool is equipped with a hydraulic umbilical to be able to release the JLT in case of emergencies.

“ was responsible for the complete process of initial design, engineering, fabrication and overload testing of the jacket lifting tool. Furthermore, a guide frame and seafastening were included in this challenging design and construct project”, the company said.