Mammoet Opens New Taiwan Office, Starts Co-Op with TIPC

Mammoet is opening a new office in Taichung, Taiwan, to be closer to project sites and to offer onshore services for offshore wind farms locally.

In particular, Mammoet will provide engineering, heavy lifting and transportation solutions, including marshaling, ballasting, weighing, load-in and load-out transportation services.

Besides the new office, which is located next to a quay area marked for turbine pre-assembly work, Mammoet has offices in Hsinchu and Kaohsiung.

The announcement comes after the Dutch company set up a joint venture with Giant Heavy Machinery Services Corp and the recent cooperation with Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC).

The cooperation with TIPC will operate under the name Taiwan International Ports Heavy-Machinery (TIPH).

“Our strong joint venture with Giant Heavy Machinery Services Corp and the new cooperation with the Taiwan International Ports Corporation means that the time now is right for us to move closer to where we execute our projects,” said Chris Schraa, Managing Director for Mammoet Taiwan.

“We have extensive experience in delivering safe and timely engineered solutions for wind power and renewables projects and aim to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for Taiwan’s offshore wind industry.”