China's First 10 MW Wind Turbine En Route to Installation

China’s First 10 MW Wind Turbine Heads Offshore

Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) has shipped out what will be the first double-digit megawatt wind turbine to be installed offshore China.

The nacelle of the 10 MW prototype. Source DEC

The prototype 10 MW offshore anti-typhoon wind power unit is on its way to the Fujian Xinghua Bay Wind Farm (Phase II), DEC said.

Back in 2019, DEC became the first Chinese company to develop a 10 MW direct-drive permanent magnet generator for offshore wind turbines.

The nacelle of the prototype unit was completed in September 2019.

The turbine features 90-metre blades (B900A) and a 185-metre blade diameter. The blades were independently developed by DEC.

The turbine can generate 4 GWh of power each year assuming 10 m/s winds and is developed for the offshore wind areas along China’s southeast coast

The cables for the prototype were delivered by Prysmian Group.

China Three Gorges (CTG) is the owner and developer of the Fujian Xinghua Bay Wind Farm (Phase II). CTG plans to install a total of 45 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 280 MW at the Xinghua Bay II.

The wind farm is also home to China’s first 8 MW wind turbine ever to be installed, delivered by Goldwind. The site will also feature MingYang’s 8 MW model.

The wind farm is located in Xinghua Bay and covers a total area of some 48.6 square kilometers.

Third Harbour Engineering is in charge of installing the wind farm’s foundations and turbines.