Prysmian to Wire Chinese 10MW Offshore Wind Turbine Prototype

China’s Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) has awarded Prysmian Group with a contract to supply cables for DEC’s 10MW offshore wind turbine prototype.


The prototype turbine will be installed on China Three Gorges Corporation’s Xinghuawan wind farm in the Fujian province, China. The nacelle of the prototype rolled off the production line in September 2019.

The new mega-turbine is the first of this type in Asia and is developed for the offshore wind areas along China’s southeast coast, Prysmian said.

It is a direct-drive permanent-magnet offshore turbine, able to resist 77 m/s typhoon winds and has a 185-metre blade diameter.

The turbine can generate 4GWh of power each year assuming 10 m/s winds, Prysmian said.

“We are very proud to take part in the increasingly strategic transformation of the wind power industry,” said Francesco Fanciulli, Prysmian Group Business Energy SVP.