Crown Estate Scotland Starts 2020-23 Corporate Plan Consultation

Crown Estate Scotland has launched a public consultation on its draft 2020-23 Corporate Plan which will run until 25 November.

The consultation covers activity related to rural estates, coastline, seabed, investing in built development and more.

Helping attract offshore wind investment, supporting new ways of growing food and closer working with communities – particularly on the coastline – are just some of the proposals people are being asked for their views on, the seabed manager said.

The proposals reflect independent research as well as conversations with tenants, businesses and communities across Scotland. Feedback from the consultation will be used to finalise the plan which will be launched in April 2020.

“Over the coming years we want to invest in property, natural resources and people to generate lasting value,” Amanda Bryan, Chair of Crown Estate Scotland, said.

“How we do that is set out in these proposals which in turn have been shaped by conversations with people and organisations up and down the country. Whether your interest is growing shellfish, finding new ways of farming, regenerating coastal communities or building the blue economy, we’re keen to hear from many people as possible so that our work truly reflects the views of all of Scotland.”

The Crown Estate Scotland team will be at events and meetings throughout the autumn to raise awareness of the consultation.

Photo: Crown Estate Scotland

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