Northwester 2 Substation Reaches Oostende

The 962-ton Northwester 2 offshore high voltage station has completed its journey from Aalborg, Denmark to the Port of Oostende in Belgium.


The Port of Oostende will be a temporary home to the substation prior to the installation at the site some 48 kilometres north-west of Oostende.

The substation’s journey from the Bladt Industries’ facilities in Aalborg to Oostende took just over four days due to excellent weather conditions, Parkwind, the owner and the developer of the 219MW offshore wind farm said.

The Northwester 2 wind farm will comprise 23 MHI Vestas V164-9.5MW wind turbines, making it the first wind farm to feature this turbine model.

The turbines will be linked through the offshore high voltage station to Elia’s Offshore Switch Yard (OSY). The commissioning of the wind farm is slated for 2020.