TOWSC and ERSG Strike Up Partnership in Taiwan

Taiwan Offshore Windfarm Service Corp. (TOWSC) has entered into a collaboration agreement with UK manning services provider ERSG covering offshore wind-related business in Taiwan.

Both parties target the manning services from construction, commissioning, to operation and maintenance (O&M) stages for offshore wind farm projects in Taiwan. At the same time, both parties also agree to introduce international experts with experiences to train and co-work with local personnel in order to increase the localization of skilled professionals in Taiwan, TOWSC said.

“We are delighted to share common views and goals for the human resources development in Taiwan with ERSG for the collaboration and believe it is a way forward to enhance both the quantity and the qualification of local personnel for upcoming offshore wind opportunities,” said Michael Wang of TOWSC.

“Since TOWSC is going to exercise its entitled ‘Right to Match’ for CIP’s projects (Changfang and Xidao) O&M tenders, the collaboration between TOWSC and ERSG certainly will increase the capabilities of the team that TOWSC has been forming.”

The MoU that specifies the Right to Match was one of the various conditions to be fulfilled by CIP (Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners) when the projects were transferred to CIP in 2017.

With the 128MW Fuhai Offshore Windfarm, owned by TOWSC’s major shareholder, Taiwan Generations Corp, the 552MW Changfang and the 48MW Xidao Projects, TOWSC intends to utilize its position in the Changhua region to form the consortium for future offshore wind opportunities, eyeing the total 5,500MW business between 2020 and 2025.

Jonathan Rickard, Business Manager for ERSG, said: “I am incredibly delighted to strengthen the working relationship with TOWSC to provide highly skilled workers to the burgeoning offshore wind market in Taiwan. We see this as a positive collaboration for the emerging markets in APAC and we look forward to embracing the challenges ahead and helping the region realise its goals for the future of renewable energy.”