Moulins de Flandre Makes Dunkirk OWF Crowdfunding Plans

The Moulins de Flandre consortium bidding to develop the Dunkirk offshore wind farm in France has signed an agreement with crowdfunding platform Enerfip to set up a financing campaign in case its offer wins the tender.


The aim of the crowdfunding campaign is to allow locals in Dunkirk and Hauts-de-France interested in clean energy to support the planned offshore wind project, project partners DEME Group, Shell and Quadran Energies Marine said.

According to the parties, the agreement represents a new opportunity for the consortium to demonstrate its commitment to developing the future wind farm.

The program will be inspired by the one that Quadran Energies Marine and Enerfip implemented in May last year for the EolMed floating wind project, the consortium stated, emphasizing that the campaign had more than 278 participants which raised EUR 400,000, EUR 100,000 more than the goal.

To remind, DEME Group, Shell and Quadran Energies Marines announced their partnership in November 2018, shortly after the tender was launched. The winner is expected to be announced in March.

The Dunkirk offshore wind farm will cover a 70km2 area and will have a maximum capacity of 500MW. It is expected to be set up by 2022.